Quotations of first TWIKE meetings/ Zitate über erste TWIKE Begegnungen

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It is always interesting to know how people got in touch with TWIKE. We like to share these stories with you. Do you have even your own story? Please share with us! socialmedia@twike.com

“Ich war Fan vom Twike4 und habe XPrice verfolgt und logisch auch für euch gestimmt und fand es Enttäuschend das es nicht gebaut wurde. Seit längerem bin ich schon auf der suche nach einem alternativen Fahrzeug. Da stößt man automatisch im Internet auch auf Twike. Hab mir aber dann die Frage gestellt brauche ich denn ein Auto, meine Antwort: Nein
Mai 2014 hab ich mein Auto verkauft, fahre alles mit dem Fahrrad, weiter weg mit der Bahn oder für Notfälle Flinkster. Ich musste feststellen das im Winter, für jemand der auf dem Land wohnt, das Rad fahren doch recht hart sein kann. Ein Sportwagen wie das Twike ist sicher das richtige für mich auch wenn der Preis schon recht sportlich ist.” 

“I’ve always ridden bicycles; for pleasure, commuting to work and school, and for a number of years, training and racing, usually in Triathlons. Eventually my “parts” started to wear out and I started getting joints replaced (both hips within the last two years for example) so it was time for a trike, if I wanted to be environmentally conscious and continue to ride in order to exercise. I had never ridden a trike nor had I ever owned an electric car despite using battery powered lawn tools, shop tools and snow blowers. I was in the process of putting a solar array on our roof when I first saw the ELF. I have to admit my purchase was impulsive but I loved the concept and was unaware of other EV’s (besides cars and eBikes) on the market. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that us new owners were going to be the guinea pigs for OT’s R&D. Their design is evolving because of the owners inputs and complaints, however much needs to be done in order for the ELF to become a viable and reliable mode of transportation. Furthermore, in many US States, the ELF is considered either a motorcycle or moped-so the relative safety of bicycle paths isn’t an option and we’ve got to compete with cars and trucks in an underpowered and flimsy vehicle with no suspension. In the process of “upgrading and reverse engineering” my own ELF I came upon the TWIKE, I think on the TreeHugger website. You addressed all my desires in one slick vehicle.” 

vor 8 Jahren

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